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India arrests pigeon accused of spying for Pakistan

Police in India this week arrested a pigeon on charges of spying for Pakistan. the pigeon was taken into custody on Thursday after a 14-year-old boy found it in a historically tumultuous region along the India-Pakistan border. The bird, whose name has not been disclosed, reportedly had a “stamped message” on its body that was partially written in Urdu. The message also included a Pakistani phone number. An X-ray of the bird didn’t show anything out of the ordinary, but police...

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E-cigarettes can produce more formaldehyde than regular cigarettes

Remember the chemical used in biology class that preserved the animal you were dissecting? Well, a new study has found that more of that chemical, formaldehyde, is found in the vapors of e-cigarettes than in traditional cigarette smoke. Formaldehyde can cause leukemia and cancer. Researchers say 10 puffs from an e-cigarette could expose a user to 2-and-a-half times more formaldehyde than he would get form smoking a single tobacco cigarette, increasing the cancer risk.  

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New laws that started in Ontario on Jan.1

From smoking bans to fees for drivers, several new laws and amendments took effect in Ontario when the new year began. Toronto.CTVNews.ca looks at the changes that came to to Canada’s most populous province starting Jan. 1. Smoking bans   Smokers are no longer be permitted to indulge on restaurant and bar patios with the latest amendment to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, whether the space is covered or not. Smoking is also banned on playgrounds and publicly owned sports fields, including basketball courts,...

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Dawood Ibrahim only Class 9 survivor in Peshawar school attack (pics inside)

The luckiest boy alive: Dawood Ibrahim overslept after his alarm didn’t go off yesterday morning. Now every single one of his classmates is dead Dawood Ibrahim is counting his blessings after his alarm clock failed to work yesterday – because it meant he overslept and avoided getting caught up in the massacre at his school in Pakistan. The 15-year-old is now the only member of class 9 left at the Army Public School in Peshawar after terrorists slaughtered every one of...

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The salon helping acid attack victims

Beauticians are hard at work in a high-end salon in an affluent area of Pakistan’s Lahore. The sound of women’s chatter and laughter is mixed with the continuous roars of hairdryers. It is hardly a place you would associate with acid attack victims. But for more than a decade Musarat Misbah’s salon has been a refuge for women who’ve been attacked by acid. It started when a woman came to Musarat’s salon with her face covered. “When she removed her veil,...

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This is what a snake bite can do to you!

Snakes, those creepy crawly reptiles, the appearance of which causes a shiver to run down our spine and makes us run for our lives are far more dangerous than you could ever imagine. A teenaged girl found this out through a very painful experience. She was bitten by a snake and despite remedies given by her local doctors, her leg, which had been bitten, began rotting and has turned black. The picture was posted on instagram by juventudmedica. When the local...

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Heartbreaking Final Letter Of Hanged Young Iranian Woman Reyhaneh Jabbari

The young interior designer hanged yesterday in Iran for killing the man she claimed was trying to rape her sent a moving final letter to her mother, asking her to make sure she had her organs donated after her death. The heartbreaking letter, written in April but circulated today by Iranian peace activists, was from 26-year-old Reyhaneh Jabbari to her mother Sholeh Pakravan, who had called on the judges to hang her instead of her daughter, for the murder of Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi,...

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Top 10 Most Expensive Gifts You Can Ever Receive

If you have everything and your loved one does not know what to gift you, you can always give him/her some ideas. For those with unlimited cash, check out this list of amazing items. The list includes the most expensive hotel room, most expensive TV, a super yacht and many others!   1. History Supreme Yacht – $4.5 billion 2. Antillia – $1 – 2 billion (Home of Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani) 3. FleurBurger 5000 – $5,000 4. iPhone 5 with black...

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Fairytale Wedding | 81-year-old Austrian Billionaire Richard Lugner Marries 24-Year-Old Playboy Model

An aged Austrian billionaire who once called Kim Kardashian “annoying” has married for the fifth time — to a 24-year-old Playboy model.   Richard Lugner, 81, tied the knot with fiancee Cathy Schmitz at a palace on Saturday, claiming “hopefully, this time it’s the right thing.” The pair have been dating since February. Prior to the pair getting hitched, Lugner said “apart from the age difference, everything fits,”reported The Local. Lugner is famous in his home country and has come to...

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Halal Wine | 24-carat Edible Gold Leaf Released In Dubai

A new product dubbed as sparkling “halal wine” has been reportedly released in Dubai featuring a 24-carat edible gold leaf to add a glittering effect. The “Lussory” wine is said to be completely halal because it contains no alcohol, according to the UAE-based 7daysnewspaper. “Lussory is a 100 percent halal product with 0.0 per cent alcohol content,” 7Days quoted Lootah Premium Foods as saying. The grapes used to produce the Lussory halal wine came from the vineyards of La Mancha in Spain,...